After 30 years Patty's corporate career was terminated January of 2012. Starting another career in the current job market is difficult. Patty went on many interviews during spring and summer but was not successful in finding a job. We had always joked with Patty that her real calling was caring for animals. She was one of the people who convinced me that our family should have a dog and that our dog needed a friend...and so Jaxie and Otis came into our lives.

When Super Storm Sandy struck it severely damaged my home. We were very fortunate to find an apartment, but we could not keep the dogs there with us as no pets were allowed. My heart was breaking as I didn't know what to do knowing it would be extremely difficult under the circumstances to find an apartment that allowed dogs. I needed to find a Foster home for my dogs Jaxie and Otis...Patty had mentioned right after the storm that if I needed any help, to please give her a was so hard to ask someone to take them but I knew that NOONE would love them like Patty and Thomas would...we thought it would only be for a few weeks, but weeks turned into months as we ran into one issue after another in trying to remediate our home. It was probably one of the most difficult times of our lives. But through it all, having the peace of mind that our dogs were safe and LOVED with Patty and Thomas made a difficult situation so much easier just knowing that they were cared for by a couple who cared for them like their own!

It became very clear that Patty was being guided into a career that we had always only talked about before. Patty and Thomas opened their hearts and home to our dogs and will do the same for you! You will not find more loving Pet Care anywhere!
- Joyce W, Point Pleasant, NJ